Getting Started

-with Picasa (Desktop Application) and PIcasaWeb (the online photo storage space we will be using)
This is a page to help you get started with the basics of using your digital camera and storing your photos on the web.

If you haven't already, install Picasa on your computer. You can download the Mac version or the Windows version on your computer. The online guide to using this tool helps you learn to download, edit, and upload your photos online to PicasaWeb, the site we set up via Google on Day 1 of our class.

Getting pictures off your camera:

One thing we didn't talk about is how to get the pictures off your digital camera. If you already know how to do that, great! If not, here's a tutorial:
Importing Pictures from your Camera or a Memory Card (using Picasa)

For more information, Picasa has a reference page on importing pictures.

Uploading your Pictures to PicasaWeb

  • If you are using Picasa, these resources will help you upload your photos to PicasaWeb.
  • If you are using another desktop application (like iPhoto) to manage your photos, this online guide will help you upload your photos online to Picasaweb.

Adding Captions

You will need to share at least 5 photos for Day 1's homework. You can share more if you like.
You can choose from among these shots and composition techniques to demonstrate (Refer to the Day 1 page for more information):
Wide Shot (WS)
Mid Shot (MS)
Close Up (CU)
Point of View (POV)
Rule of Thirds
ViewPoint (From high or low viewpoints)

Please label your photos with the shot or composition you are demonstrating by adding a caption to your photo on PicasaWeb.
This online guide will help you add a caption in PicasaWeb.


Just to remind you, your homework is:


Finally, please have fun with this assignment and don't stress out if you can't remember how to do something. You can always contact me at my email:
janice.stearns (at) or if you use these tools: Skype me at janstearns, dm me via Twitter - janstearns or ... call me on Monday at 323-278-4903.