In order to receive credit for this class, the following homework needs to be completed before the last meeting on May 18th.

Day 1 -
April 30th
  1. Take a variety of shots that exhibit shots and composition discussed in class.
  2. Upload and share at least 5 shots to PicasaWeb. Make sure to use the caption feature to indicate what shot or composition rule you are illustrating.
  3. Read the article, 13 Lessons to Teach Your Children about Digital Photography. and discuss the article and how you would use what you learned in the discussion tab of the Day 1 Class.
  4. Complete your EdTech Profile.
  5. Look at other participant photos by following the links in the left sidebar. Leave them comments on PicassaWeb. (optional)
Day 2 - May 4
  1. Create a Voicethread that you could use in your classroom or that you could use with your colleagues.
  2. Embed your Voicethread on your wiki page, so that others can view it by Thursday, May 7th. On your wiki page, please include an explanation of how you might incorporate this voicethread in an existing lesson
  3. Visit the pages of other participants to view their VoiceThreads. Leave a comment on at least two other VoiceThreads.
  4. After exploring this page with other classroom Voicethreads, please use this VoiceThread to add your comments about how you might use this tool in the classroom.
  5. Create an Animoto Educator account. It takes some time to get back your approval, so please register as soon as possible.
  6. If you need help or want to leave a tip on something you have learned, visit the help/tips page and leave a comment in the discussion tab.
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Day 3 -
May 11
  1. Create a digital story using Showbeyond, with 5 slides and audio.
  2. Embed that slideshow on your wiki page. Add how you would use this with your students.
  3. Work on adding the use of images and media to an existing lesson plan. This will be due the last day of class, May 18th.
  4. Upload images, create, and embed a show from Animoto.

Day 4 -
May 14
  1. Fishish the Timeline on Dipity you began in class. Embed it on your wiki page. Explain below the embed how you would use this tool with your students.
  2. Finish the Glogster poster you began in class. Embed it on your wiki page. Explain how you would use this tool with your students.
  3. Finish and bring with you on our final meeting your updated lesson plan that will include the use of digital images. If you can, share it as a digital file on your wiki page.
  4. Finish all assignments listed on the homework page. Arrange your wiki page with heading for each project.
  5. Revisit the EdTechProfile and make sure you have taken it the second time. Print out the results page.

* Don't forget the online Elluminate meeting on Sunday, May 17, 2009 at 9:00 p.m.

Day 5 -
May 18
  1. Play with Google Earth. Create a tour. Explain how you will use Google Earth with your students.
  2. Make sure all you work is completed by this day so that you will receive a salary point.