As soon as I learned how to use VoiceThread, I put it to use with my students as they explain the life of the Buddha. They really enjoyed the experience of having their voice recorded and hearing themselves and everyone else after we were done creating it. I plan to use VoiceThread the next school year by having the students create VoiceThreads of other important figures of ancient history. I also plan to show this VoiceThread with my next school year students to teach them about the life of the Buddha.


I really enjoyed creating a story board with ShowBeyond. I plan to use the story board that I created with my future students of next school year. My future students will be new to the school and therefore this
he ancient Hebrews, for example.


Wow! I am impressed with Animoto. I loved what I have created. I could definitely incorporate this is the classroom. I plan on having the students create Animotos of their cultures for the beginning of the next school year and have the students share them with the rest of the class so they could get to know each other.

Dipity I could use dipity as an end of the school year assignment, where different groups of students can create different timelines on all the ancient civilizations they learned about in social studies.

Glogster I would use glogster with my students during their winter vacation. I would let them explore it and create their own page that represents them during the vacation. I would also use it as a communication site between my students and me.