Day 1

Composition, Shots, and Rules

Atomic Learning Videos for Compositon

Editing Photos

Free Desktop Photo Editors

Picasa - Cross platform and good all around editor
iPhoto - Comes with most Macs

Free Online Photo Editors


Add some fun effects


Just plain cool Screen Capture tools

Skitch - Mac - add text and annotations - save to your desktop or share online
FastStone Capture - Windows - some say it's like Skitch for the Mac - haven't tried it

Storing Photos Online

Good resource on Online Photo Sharing

Video on Photo Sharing in Plain English from Common Craft

Day 2

Image Resources

Sometimes, you just need a few images to augment your collection for storytelling.

Places to find creative commons (and other) images that are free to use with attribution
Flickr (Blocked in LAUSD and many other school districts)

More Image Resources
Check out this document by Terry Richards
30 Places to Find Creative Commons Media


Planning a student multimedia project is essential. Storyboards help make planning easier.

Blank Paper
For stories, the best is just a piece of blank paper folded into 6 squares - both sides can be used for planning shots, dialogue, character development, and script.

Printed Storyboards
Storyboard Templates(download and print)
Generate a Storyboard (save as PDF and print)

Online Storyboard Generators
KidsVid This online storyboard generator lets you add shots, details, script, and more.

Desktop Storyboard Creator
Storyboard PRO (free from Atomic Learning)

The Legal Stuff

LAUSD Permission to Publish and AUP forms
(Find them by going to the Policies link on the bottom of any LAUSD webpage.)

Day 3

Digital Storytelling

50 Ways to Tell a Story

Digital Storytelling Resources

Desktop Tools


Photostory 3 for Windows XP is a free download (Incorporated into Movie Maker for Vista)
IMovie for MAC - using photos from iPhoto


Upload finished movies to a video hosting site. My favorite is, where you can control privacy and comment moderation on your own video channel.

Primary Resources

Primary Access

  • Select images and write.
  • “Loop” step 1 with teacher input and feedback in the form of guided questions
  • Narrate.
  • Apply Motion.
    (via Jennifer Dorman)

Other Primary Resources

(My resources on Delicious tagged PrimaryResources)

Day 4