Lost identity

This is me.......honest......honest?
Wild Ron Walcott

The Look!

It took considerable time to establish this look.
I do hope that you appreciate my effort.

The Location.

This is where I hang.

LD6 Secondary Pics

Cool right?

Click on the photo to see all the rest of my favorite spaces .

That's all folks.

It was really fun. Time to go.
Susan just said she is so maxed out.

New Day...New VoiceThread

Here is the thread that I shot in class. It would be great if the class members could identify themselves in the first photograph, especially the people where I can see only hand.

Now it's many weeks later and not one class member commented on my VoiceThread which was about themselves. Oh well. There goes another collaborative idea that I thought would work.

Photo Evaluation

This is the area for my five photos for the day 1 assignment- They are not exactly in order.

Boy impersonates Elvis

2. Background. I was shooting indoors with flash so that the background in very dark.
5. Get up close.
9 Rule of thirds
From Nova Vista ES

Mothers cook meal for the teachers.

7. Balace of Things (the table) and people (the cooks)
From Nova Vista ES

The Tiki god and the bus driver.

2 Background; it comments on the person.
From Nova Vista ES

Mother of Elvis

5. Get close
9 Rule of thirds-she could have been better placed
From Nova Vista ES

A picture of a picture of a picture

1. Unusual shot
9. Rule of thirds
2. Background
5. get up close
From Nova Vista ES

My ShowBeyond Story

My Short Animoto Experiment

My Long Animoto Experiment

This long Animoto was better than the short because the text that I entered appeared in the correct place and succeeds in telling the story of "many things."

My Long Animoto Remix

I just had to see the difference.

My Dipity Time Line

Ronald W. on Dipity.