My pics

Enjoyed looking at your pictures!

My VoiceThread Project

How Germs Are Spread

Sylvia, I knew you would find a creative way to use the tools in your job. Bravo! Janice

I will use this to show children who visit the health office about pathogens that are unseen and can cause disease. They will also learn how to stop the spread of infection.

My Showbeyond

I will be able to use this to show others about the middle east and how music and language varies in other parts of the world.

My Glogster

The students will be able to learn about social networks and how to participate.

My Timeline

I will be able to teach students how to make a timeline and how this relates to the life span of a plant.
My Animoto

I will be able to teach my students (nurses) to make a video with Animoto using pictures that relate to health.