I Am Here

Voice Thread can serve as a presentation tool for many students. It can also be used to bring to life ideas and thoughts in various academic areas.

Great job, Tina. Wouldn't it be great if students made up their own word problems, took the pictures, then made a slide show with the problem and the solution? How else might you use this tool?

Florentina E. on Dipity.

Great way to have students of all grade levels practice chronological order and order of numbers. Also a great way of making timelines, especially in history more alive and more tangible for students.

Students can post their projects and share with school or parents in a less traditional, fun way.

Animoto is a better way for students to create visual representations of experiences. For example, they can use it to create a travel brochure for an ancient civilization.

Teaching the beginning concepts of Surface Area using student created Voice Thread or Showbeyonds lesson plan.S.A. of H 1 with technology