VoiceThread: The American Revolution

I will be able to use this voice thread on a lesson I am currently working on. I want the students to understand the causes of the American Revolution. I am going to have students comment on this voice thread and maybe add their own input on other causes or events that lead up to the war.
*All of the Images of the American Revolution are from *

Showbeyond STORYBOARD: In the Time of Abraham LIncoln

I am going to use this as an alternative to power point. I do 2-3 powerpoint projects every year. This will give me the opportunity to expose my students to new presentation mediums. It will also come in handy if I ever want to post student projects online.
*All of the Images of the American Revolution are from *

animoto video: Beautiful Love

I can use animoto for culminating activity presentations for Open House.

Glogster: Mister - E Page

I will be able to use this as a way to communicate with my students from home for homework help, questions about projects, or off track homework. Also to post information with parents, especially to inform them about fifth grade culminating activities.

Dipity Timeline: Westward Ho! : American Pioneers Move West

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Westward HO!: Pioneers Going West on Dipity.

I will use this dipity timeline, for students to have access to, as I introduce the first lesson of the Westward Movement Unit for 5th grade. Students will also add to this timeline as we go through the lessons and gather more dates and important events related to the Western Movement. Westward Movement Lesson Plan: