OMG! I worked on another project with my students and this time it worked. I did it at work I think it had something to do with JAVA. YAY!

This is the overlook at Griffith Park.

I used the pictures of students graphing in my art class because I felt a little uneasy about
using pics from the web. I went to flickr and pics4learning and they didn't have very many pics for ancient civilization.
I think I going to have to go into my closet and scan pictures I took in Greece in 2001. This was before I went digital.
My microphone works, however, showbeyond must not like me because it still will not record my voice.
(EDIT) It works and I did just need to embed it here from work. My home computer must not have the right software.

But enough...
I plan on using this type of media in introducing new units in either my history or english class. I went to speak to a science teacher friend and this seemed like a GREAT alternative to powerpoint.

Voicethreading would be a good way to allow my students to verbally explain what they learned and share it with the class and allow the others to comment on their work or what they learned. Leticia Cobar's voicethread on the Life of the Buddha seems like a fabulous idea, however, she may need to explain how she organized the class in recording.
This can also be incorporated into students making their own narrative stories using images from a storyboard.